A Stop-Doing List Is Just As Helpful As a To-Do List

A Stop-Doing List Is Just As Helpful As a To-Do List

I love lists. I am a list maker, list writer, list follower. Lists get me through my day. Lists organize my thoughts and are my main record keepers. I have a whole notebook comprised of to-do lists and check lists and am just about ready to start a new notebook. There is a real sense of satisfaction from crossing things off and don’t even get me started on the feeling when the whole list is crossed off. All of them identical in nature: this is what I need to do and remember.

What about a list that tells you what NOT to do? I first came across this concept on Fit Bottomed Girls and their post called The Revolutionary Concept of a Stop-Doing List. The idea originates from Danielle LaPorte and her post called A Celebration of The Stop Doing List. In this post, LaPorte says “On the path to defining your own version of success, what you stop doing is just as important as the things you start doing.” Take that in. Read it again.

You can start a new project, work towards a goal, increase your productivity, but what are you doing that stops you short of success, of some sort of inner peace or satisfaction? What keeps that sigh of relief and relaxation at bay?

I made my own stop-doing list and, unlike a to-do list, there is no immediate satisfaction in crossing things off. Instead, it is a constant work in progress until new habits and awareness are formed to incite change.

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I’m interested to see how this list evolves over time, what new lists emerge, and when these stumbling blocks fall.

A stop-doing list does not bog you down with tasks and keep you busy. A stop-doing list opens up possibilities and guides you towards a step closer to your goals. In a way, hearing what you are not supposed to do presents moments and paths for growth and success because you are bringing obstacles to the forefront. You’re facing those things head on only to pass them by and leave them behind.

Have you tried a stop-doing list? Will you try a stop-doing list? What is on your list? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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