Love Notes: 10 Favorites Every Week | No. 1 | 04.22.2017

Love Notes: 10 Favorites Every Week | No. 1 | 04.22.2017

I’ve been looking forward to this post all week and here we are! Love Notes: 10 Favorites Every Week is a weekly round up of things I love. Look for this feature every Sunday on

Fun Fact: A dream of mine is to one day own a stationary store called Love Notes.

Love Notes | No.1 | 04.22.2017

1: S-Town by Serial lives up to the hype. It is absolutely odd, but fascinating and while it starts in one place it takes to you whole other destination you would never suspect.

2: iFly Luggage has rose gold luggage. I love rose gold and I love the look of this luggage. What I don’t love, though, is paying $18 for shipping when I really only need the $69 carry-on sized luggage.

3: I just ordered these Ray-Bans in brown gold with brown gradient lenses.

4: I haven’t delved into the whole world of essential oils and their benefits, but we do have 2 essential oil diffusers in our house as air fresheners: one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. I love combining lavender with some sort of citrus and mint for the kitchen. In our bedroom, we use Chill Pill by Aura Cacia.

5: Jogger sweats are the most comfortable pants ever. Yes, even more comfy than your favorite Lululemon Wunder Unders.

6: Other than Annie’s cinnamon rolls, we very rarely have junk food in the house. We also rarely have Trader Joe’s Honey Butter Chips because they are always sold out! I once bought 3 bags at once just so that we would have them for a while. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7: Shout-out to Williams Sonoma’s Marble Collection, especially this Marble & Copper Monogram Board.

8: This article about a disturbing trend in kindergarten classrooms around America is so important for all parents and educators. I am a kindergarten teacher and whole-heartedly believe in the power of play and exploration as a means of learning.

9: Athleta carries PETITE sizes! That was a revelation for me today.

10: Thank you, Wundabar Pilates for today’s afterburn from yesterday’s workout. I’m a barre girl, but that Wundaformer is addicting and no joke.

Well, there’s that! Have a great week!



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