Love Notes: My Favorites Every Week | No. 3 | 5.7.2017

Love Notes: My Favorites Every Week | No. 3 | 5.7.2017

The 1st week of May is over and here we are at another edition of Love Notes. We have another podcast to listen to and some cool blog resources.

Love Notes | No.3 | 5.7.2017

1: The new podcast Pod Save America has released one episode and is the number 3 podcast on iTunes after S-Town and This American Life. I don’t consider myself a very political person, but, given the times… “stay woke.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All this health care chaos is confusing to me and  Pod Save America host, DeRay Mckesson has Andy Slavitt as a guest. Slavitt “ran Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA for President Obama,” as stated on his Twitter profile. He breaks down the health care situation and what it all means. That’s the very last part of the episode, but the whole 1 hour and 30 minutes is worth listen and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

2: Last night I discovered Creative Market and spent hours just browsing around. It is a virtual marketplace for all your design needs. There are graphics, fonts, blog themes, design tools, templates galore, etc.

3: I purchased this awesome 74 in 1 Font Bundle by MediaLab Co. and got access to 12 free downloads.

4: This Personalised Portrait Creator is also so cool!

5: In my May Goals post, I said that I want to post every other day. Well, I didn’t do that this week because I missed Saturday and that’s mostly because I was messing around on Creative Market. I’m in need of a tool to keep me on track and focused. I might give Plan It Girl’s Blog Planner a try.

6: Another nice blog planner is this free one by Designer Blogs.

 That’s all for this week’s Love Notes! Have a lovely week!



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