15 Easy Side Dish Recipes Curated by Mitzyann

15 Easy Side Dish Recipes Curated by Mitzyann

15 Healthy Side Dish Recipes Curated by Mitzyann

Lately, I’ve fallen into a cooking rut. Pop some protein in a pan or in the oven, steam or sauté some veggies, and there is dinner. It’s a quick, easy, and no fuss meal. I used to peruse the internet or one of our many cookbooks for different recipes pretty often, but that has all but ceased in recent months. Luckily, my husband is not a picky eater and is pretty easily satisfied with my cooking, but it would be nice to serve something other than mashed cauliflower and roasted chicken.

I served mashed cauliflower as an Easter side dish at my mother in-law’s house and with Mother’s Day coming up, I am again in charge of another side dish for dinner. Below are 15 side dish recipes I found through a Google search and also on Pinterest. First, I listed the recipes I’ve already tried and then the recipes I hope try to soon are listed. The very last recipe is the one I’ve decided to make for Mother’s Day! You can find my curated collection of side dish recipes on here on Pinterest.

 Healthy Side Dish Recipes I’ve Tried

1: Southwestern Black Bean, Quinoa & Mango Medley by Skinnytaste: This salad is both gluten-free, vegan, and protein packed! It can be served as a side dish and or as a stand alone meal. I like to bring it work for lunch because it is quick, easy, and healthy.

2: Caprese Salad Skewers by The Gingham Apron: Caprese has never been to easy to eat! It also looks so good!

3: Mushroom Fennel Quinoa Stuffing by Skinnytaste: Even though this is labelled as stuffing, it can be eaten any time of the year and not just at Thanksgiving.

4: Fiesta Lime Rice by Skinnytaste: Okay, white rice is not necessarily healthy, but it can easily be substituted for brown rice or quinoa.

Healthy Side Dishes On Deck

5: Parmesan Zucchini and Corn by Damn Delicious: 2 things I love: zucchini and corn. I love corn more than zucchini though. I can’t wait to make this side dish with zucchini from my own garden! 10 minutes, minimal ingredients, and simple steps.

6: Cilantro Lime Quinoa by Peas and Crayons: Obviously, I like quinoa, but also I like Chipotle’s Cilantro Lime Rice. White rice is scarce in our house. We eat white rice maybe once every 2 or 3 months. This recipe might find itself in my rotation sooner rather than later.

7: Cold Quinoa Salad by Peanut Butter Fingers: Another recipe that can be eaten the next day at lunch as a standalone meal. Also, another recipe with quinoa.

8: Oven Roasted Green Beans by Culinary Hill: I’m curious about the lemon and garlic flavors roasting with the green beans. Sure, I use lemon and garlic when I roast chicken, but it rare for me to roast veggies. We eat tons of green beans and this would be a perfect twist to our usual steamed green beans.

9: Warm Lemony Brussels Sprouts Salad: More lemon… a perfect way to add natural flavor with minimal calories.

10: Warm Eggplant, Mushroom, and Kale Salad: Eggplant is a vegetable that I don’t use often, but mushrooms and kale are.

11: Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms, Garlic, and Sage by Feasting at Home: This dish won’t be as quick as the others on this list because you have to roast the spaghetti squash. That takes 40 to 50 minutes, but you can easily multitask and prepare the rest of dinner.

12: Edamame and Quinoa Salad by Garlic and Zest: Sounds good for a side dish, Meatless Monday recipe, or a make ahead lunch (I think I have another recipe round up idea).

13: Paleo Sautéed Balsamic Mushrooms by Paleo Cupboard: I will probably do baby bella mushrooms rather than regular white mushrooms. Also, I’ll definitely be using olive oil in place of the bacon fat/lard or tallow.

14: Mediterranean Beet with Garlic and Olive Oil by Maria Ushakova: Beets are a vegetable we only eat at a restaurant because they are such a pain to make! They stain everything! Trader Joe’s has packaged precooked beets, though, and so now I am going to to make this dish.

And the side dish I will be making for Mother’s Day is….

15: Garlic Mushroom Quinoa by Damn Delicious: We are going to have some grilled meat, salad, appetizers, and homemade dessert. This quinoa dish will be the perfect addition. I might also add the balsamic mushrooms and caprese skewers.

If I make a side dish with quinoa or any other grain, I always make sure to include a heaping pile of vegetables, too.

Will you try any of these 15 side dish recipes? Do you have any favorite side dish recipes?





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