Love Notes: My Favorites Every Week | No 5. | 06.05.17

Love Notes: My Favorites Every Week | No 5. | 06.05.17

Hello! Last weekend I took a break from Love Notes because we were super busy for Memorial Day Weekend. My parents were visiting from San Francisco. Then, on Sunday night we had some good friends over. It was a weekend of loved ones.

As the school year winds down, the days get busier trying to wrap everything up to head into summer. Thankfully, this weekend we had the chance to kick back and chill at home before another hectic work week.

Here are this week’s Love Notes.

Love Notes | No.5 | 05.04.2017

1 | Peonies are back! I love peonies and look forward to that wonderful weekend that I walk into Trader Joe’s and there they are to greet me.

2 | Hidden Figures is an awesome movie!

3 | My husband sent me this Time article called How Dads Parent Their Daughters Differently Than Sons. Other than being an interesting read, it also sparks an interesting conversation about next steps and how to change the norm.

4 | In my last edition of Love Notes, I mentioned that I started a bullet journal. My journal has made me realize how awful my handwriting is. I started the Rock Your Handwriting Challenge. I post my daily practice on my Instagram.

5 | Off the shoulder, cold-shoulder… Loving this trend, especially when it is paired with stripes and/or ruffles.

6 | I went down this ridiculous rabbit hole of reading about pickpockets in Spain and France. Then, I started a search for a sturdy crossbody bag with a thick, comfortable strap, zipper, and flap. Search result: Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q Natasha on clearance at Nordstrom Rack for $184. The original price is $368. Marc Jacobs no longer makes the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. I’ve wanted this bag for so long. I anticipate this will be my go-to vacation bag. P.S. Thanks to my mom for getting it for me!

7 | Loving these Free People Liza leggings from my most recent Le Tote. If you haven’t heard of Le Tote, it is a clothing rental subscription box. I get 4 pieces of clothing,wear them, and send them back. Then, I receive a new tote, which I can customize. I can choose to keep any item and Le Tote charges my card on file. If you’re interesting in trying Le Tote, you can use my referral code for $25 off your first tote.

That’s all for this week! Have a lovely one!


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