Summer 2017 Must Read List

Summer 2017 Must Read List

Hello, Summer! I love summer– the time of ultimate relaxation and freedom. These coveted 10 weeks means vacations, binge watching, and a summer reading list! 9 months out of the year, I live in kindergarten land and my reading is pretty much limited to any book where the words match the illustrations. Now is the time that I stop asking “what is the main idea” and “who are the characters” and start to simply enjoy the world created on pages.

Soon, we will be off Maui (!!!!!) and countless hours are to be spent on the beach and the pool. Other than what hat and swimsuit I’m going to wear, I am mostly concerned about what book(s) I will be bringing. Of course I don’t tote around multiple books. I have a Kindle Paperwhite E-reader  that I love! I used to think that reading from a device was awful because I needed the feeling of a book, but now that is simply not the case. The screen has no glare and it is lightweight. For vacation purposes, you can download as many books as your heart desires and always have a new read on deck.

Well, what is on deck for summer reading? I can spend hours and hours trying to decide what books I want to read. I go about this in three ways: 1) Google search for “summer must read books” or, in this case, “summer reading 2017”, 2) scour Amazon’s best-selling lists, and 3) go to an actual brick and mortar store to peruse the selections. I can look at book after book after book and so many will peek my interest, but I always continue to think about one and that’s the one I choose.

Here are the books that I have on my Summer 2017 Reading List.

summer 2017 reading list

Summer 2017 Reading List

1: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is the novel that the hit Hulu series is based off of. One thing I like to do is read a book right before I watch the movie or show so that I can compare my own interpretation with that of the live action. In any case, I started reading The Handmaid’s Tale last night and it is intriguing. The concept of a modern society reverting to the repression and oppression of women and all of society in a monotheocracy is eery, but, given these political times, I have to know what comes of Offred. Lastly, I’ve read reviews of The Handmaid’s Tale and the grammar police are all over Atwood for her lack of quotation marks. Here’s an answer to that.

2: Into the Water: A Novel by Paula Hawkins is a must for me. The Girl on the Train was one I couldn’t put down and I hope Hawkins can match her debut.

3: After You Left by Carol Mason peeks my interest because Evelyn’s husband unexpectedly leaves her while on their honeymoon with only a cryptic note. As she grieves, she meets a friend who seems to live a parallel life. I just want to know why he left.

4:Made for Love: A Novel debuts on July 4th. Alissa Nutting’s novel is said to be an “absurd, raunchy comedy” and a light read is perfect for the pool or beach.

5: The Husband’s Secret by famed Liane Moriarty, author of best-selling book and hit HBO series Big Little Lies, has 18,000 reviews and and 4.5 stars on Amazon. That paired with the fact that Big Little Lies was so good, it is a no-brainer that The Husband’s Secret is on deck.

6: Now for a nonfiction piece: Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul. This book has followed me around the house and sleeps on my nightstand every night, but I have yet to make a dent in it. Though, I intend to change that soon. LaPorte gets at the heart of desire through identifying the core emotions that drive our goals to reach true fulfillment.

7: I love the HBO Awkward starring Issa Rae and her book The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl seems to be the series on paper.

I wanted to shoot for a summer reading list of 10 books, but let’s be honest 7 is way too many and 3 is more likely.

What books are on your summer reading list? I’d love any suggestions and/or reviews!

Happy summer!

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