10 Travel Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget

10 Travel Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget

I packed my bags: bathing suit, sunscreen, and all my travel essentials! We have two big trips with summer that we are super excited for: one tropical beach vacation and one sightseeing vacation. Either way, the trips are long and I fear not being prepared. I like to have everything possible on hand to make vacations a bit easier and more comfortable. Here are 10 of my travel essentials.

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Don’t forget to pack with these 10 travel essentials!

1: Tide Sticks: I prefer Tide Sticks over Shout Wipes because you pop the cap back on and go. Carry one in your purse for emergencies not just on vacation, but every day.


2: Poopuri: If you’ve never used Poopuri, I can enlighten you. Before you take a deuce, spray the Poopuri onto the water in the toilet. Then, drop the kids in the pool with a lovely citrusy, floral aroma.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3: Power Bank: I always carry an extra phone battery and cord.

4: Downy De-Wrinkler: This is a staple in our house and when traveling. I tend to create messy piles in my luggage as the trip progresses. You spray the Downy De-Wrinkler on your light wrinkled clothes, then shake it out and wear it.

5: Hydroflask: I love my Hydroflask more than I love my Swell bottle! I packed my 40-ounce bottle because we are going on a beach vacation and I want to have enough water to last me most of my day.

6: Spongelle: Spongelle gives you room for one more bottle in that quart-sized bag. It is a sponge infused with a body wash and smells so good. Spongelle is available in a travel size that is good for about 5+ washes and there is also a full size that is good for about 14+ washes.

7: Super Goop Spray: If you prefer to wear makeup no matter where you are, the Super Goop Defense Refresh Mist calls your name. It has SPF 50 and sets and resets your makeup.

8: Headphones: Wear them in the airport, on the plane, on the beach, or poolside.

9: 6ft charging cord: A plug can be anywhere in a hotel/Air B&B so why not keep you phone closer to you? I use a 6ft charging cord all the time not just on vacation.

10: A Good Book: Check out my list of summer reads!

Did I miss something? What are some of your travel essentials?


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